Saturday, May 25, 2013

FMTSO: From The Ground Up

I absolutely love this week's theme for the Friday My Town Shoot Out.  I cheated though because I didn't actually go out this week and take photos.  These come from my archives and were taken last September while I was on vacation, so they are not actually from my town but they are still my photos in different towns.

Galvastan, Texas.

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas.

A block wall with horses painted on it.  Again, in Amarillo, Texas.

Well that's it for this week.

The day's come and go so fast anymore that Friday is here before I can even blink.
Hopefully, next week I'll have some fresh photos for the theme.


  1. I like the last shot of the wall with the horses painted on it, very cool.

  2. I love your quirky choices this week, JarieLyn, especially the old vehicles emerging from the ground, that really amuses me.

  3. I remember when you posted other photos from the Cadillac Ranch. Really like those upstanding cars. ;-)

  4. I love the horses JarieLyn. looks like a great place to visit.

  5. I have a photo of yur pier, mine is full of oysters.

  6. I love the spray painted cars! They are cool!

  7. Wow, those cars in the ground are pretty cool!

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