Friday, May 17, 2013

FMTSO: The Five Senses

Happy Friday!  Today's theme is the five senses.  I picked out several photos for the theme but in the end I just didn't think they were good enough so instead I will post just one picture which represents all five of my senses.

First, I SEE it, then I TOUCH it, then I SMELL it then I TASTE it and then everyone around me can HEAR me say Mmm Mmm good as I devour my sweet treat using all of my senses.
Last Friday, while out of town,  I scoured Los Angeles and Hollywood for graffiti for FTSO and I found some, but unfortunately, I never made it to the computer, so I will share my graffiti with you now.

My sister up at the top to the right and her friend Julie on the left.
And lastly, a not to subtle message.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Cool graffiti. I like how the word "system" seems to be made up of numbers - S is 5, Y is 4, another S another 5, T could just be 1, E seems to be a 5 on top which becomes a 2 on the bottom, and M is a sideways 3.

    And if none of that makes sense, it's because I'm overcome with how yummy those sweets look.

  2. I wonder which of those treats you chose - they all look so yummy. I was thinking your graffiti was very cute, shame about the last two but I guess graffiti is the same everywhere.

  3. Very talented graffiti. But your area has some good artists I am guessing. That first photo fills the sight, smell, taste, touch part of life. I guess hearing the stomach growl might be the hearing.

  4. That cat graffiti just jumps off the page; it must've been really freshly done. Pretty cool.

    I have a sudden huge craving for a doughnut, thank you very much. :)

  5. One shot capturing all 5 sense works for me!

    Gorgeous and bright graffiti.

  6. I love the first photo, and for being able to combined all senses in one photo, well done!

  7. The top one makes my hungry! It is interesting how much art goes into graffiti, yet is it vandalism in most cases.



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