Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Midweek Mail Check

I guess I got a little distracted last week and forgot to publish my post on Friday until earlier today.
I've been getting a lot of postcards from postcrossing and swap-bot but I haven't received any letters
from any of the persons I wrote to for LetterMo except the ones I've already showed you, which really was about a 15th of what I sent out.
 Do I sound ungrateful for saying I'm a bit disappointed? I hope not. I'm just mentioning it because I'm wondering if you all had the same experience or did all or most of your letters get reciprocated? I'm just curious.
 I enjoyed writing the letters nonetheless and it was a fun challenge.
Original artwork and poem by me! (2009)
Now on to the mail!
Here's what has been delivered to me the past few days including today.
A Postcard from Bulgaria.
This is for a swap I joined awhile back called I Love Postcards #3.

A Postcrossing from good ol' US of A.
This is personally one of my favorites that I've received so far.
The sender writes:
Here is a vintage funny postcard for you that I found @ the local Raleigh, NC farigrounds/flea market.
This is from a Group  Swap on Swap-Bot, Quick Notecard Swap #3
The cards are really cute in person.
I do like them a lot.
This amazing mini journal for another swap, One Sentence A Day February.
I was blown away by the creativity of the person who made this.
I have to share some of the inside with you as well.
This precedes the actual journal writing.
So cute, don't you think?
At the end of the journaling, this little surprise was sewn into the pages.
Lift it up............
To reveal a secret compartment with a treasure hidden inside.
A very nice bottle and key pendant and I love it.
The creativity of the maker of this journal has me in awe and I am so appreciative of this gift, not just the pendant tucked inside, but the love that went into making this journal.
So nice.
I love postcards with images of dogs.
This one is so sweet.
This is a postcrossing from the Netherlands.
The sender writes:
Hi JarieLyn,
Do you have examples of your mail art and snail mail.
I don't know what it means.
I try to do some scrapbooking besides being wife and mother of 2 sons.
My sons are 5 and 3 years old.
It's busy but fun most of the time.
Wish you the best.
Another Postcrossing from USA
(it is a resend because his first one never arrived)
The sender writes:
Hi JarieLyn,
I scanned the card begore I sent it to you so I printed it and hope yo liike it.
Best wishes from your Postcrossing friend-David.
(Lost Card)
I love the stamps too.
Notice that the postoffice didn't cancel the stamps.
Oh no, they had to put their little cancellation mark on the front of the card.
These lovely postcards came from another swap, Postcard Scavenger Hunt.
My favorite one is the black and white gallows and the other sepia toned one.
A PC A Day Swap.
My husband and I actually went here two years ago while on vacation so I was glad to receive this postcard because I don't have any from that vacation.
I received one of Julie's (La Papiere) postcards from a swapper for PC A Day Swap.
It's pretty cool because I ordered some envelopes from La Papier not too long ago and this was the sstyle that I ordered.
I have several more postcards, at least five but I'm not going to photograph them because you might get impatient scrolling through my blog post.
But I will post my outgoing now:
I finallly joined a Round Robin on the Postcrossing forum.
This is a march postcard pals.
I send one pc to 3 different people once a week in March.
I thought it would be easier to send them all the same card.
These are headed to Russia, The Netherlands, and Estonia.
These are for the Quick Note Card Swap, two partners.
I believe this is for the 3 card swap USA.
 I forgot to take a photo of the cards inside.
The mini journal swap.
Again, I forgot to photograph my handy artwork.
But compared to the one I received mine pales in comparison.
A Postcrossing on its way to Russia.
A Postcrossing on its way to New Jersey.
A Postcrossing on its way to Germany.
 A Postcrossing on its way to South Africa.
Fast & Easy Notecard Swap.
Also the front of the envelope of my original artwork and poem.
A Postcrossing card on its way to Turkey.
One of my pen pals had a birthday recently, (I guess it's been a month already)  so I will be wrapping up a small gift and writing a long letter to her tonight.
And tomorrow............
more pen pal letters to write.
Oh, happy days are here again.


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  1. Wow.. this must be keeping you very busy. Will you continue to correspond with some of these people and do they have your blog address to see this lovely post in their honour?

    How I love the creativity of the person who made that journal. It's complicated, quirky, sweet and generous. I hope she knows how much her work is appreciated... that is.. I hope she reads your blog. :)



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