Friday, December 14, 2012

FMTSO: How Do I Celebrate My Favorite Holiday?

If you know me, then you know that Christmas is my favorite holiday.
I am always with my family and although chaotic at times, we do have a lot of fun.

The Christmas Tree 2009

My youngest brother going for some treats before dinner.

2009 Hanging out in the kitchen. Dinner is almost ready. Sister-in-law, Tabbitha in the foreground.

Me & Sasha 2010

I sure do miss my dog, more than anyone will ever know. 2010

Sometimes we do karaoke.  2010

My parents are still in love.

Money can be very useful. My niece 2010

My brother Bobby, My sister Cheryl and me.
Christmas 2011. My youngest brother Joey is missing.

Every year, I go to my parents house for Christmas.
Sometimes, not all the siblings are able to be there at the same time.
We have a big dinner on Christmas Eve.
We have lots of goodies to munch on throughout the day and evening and the days that follow.
After dinner, we open our gifts.
Sometimes we do karaoke and sometimes we play Wii.
There is usually some form of cocktail or wine for the adults.

Christmas day we don't do anything special, maybe go to the movies or something, but normally we just relax and watch TV, etc or take a drive somewhere.

There is one Christmas tradition that I created.....

It's a journal that everyone has to write in before they leave.

I like this tradition because it reminds us of things past.
This is a program from my nephew's kindergarten class.
It was the first thing to go in my journal.

1998. Justin and Me.
Wow, what a horrible picture.
It's fourteen years later and I think I look much better today.

The most precious entry in the entire journal.
It was written by my grandma, her last Christmas with us.

It's very special to me that her last Christmas was the best one she remembers having.
I miss her very much. 
She was my best friend in the whole world besides my sister.

I thought I had a lot more pictures that were good enough to post, but I'm sorry to say I don't.

Happy holidays to everyone.


  1. It sure sounds like you have a very close-knit family, Jarie Lyn. That tree in the first shot is lovely.. so traditionally decorated - it belongs on a greeting card. I'm sorry that you lost your grandmother this year. Lovely to have her last Christmas memories shared with you in this way.

    Best of the season to you and yours.

  2. Thanks for sharing your holiday traditions - family is what it's all about!

  3. A time for remembering loved ones. So glad Grandma left that message for you to treasure. And I remember Sasha too, I lost our Molly just after Christmas in 2010. It was my son's birthday too...:(

  4. great idea to have a journal, esp by grandma.

  5. I love the idea of the Journal. I wish we had thought of it years ago when the older generation were around.
    I'm sure Sasha is in doggy heaven somewhere watching your Christmas antics!
    May you have a super one again this year.



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