Monday, November 5, 2012

Being Creative

A few weeks ago I attended a food photography workshop through Photographic Adventures, a meet-up group that's run by a couple of my friends who also happen to be fellow Nevada Camera Club Members.

The above photo was one of the props that we had the opportunity to shoot.
I decided to get creative with my editing software and changed the photo into the following.

I really like it. 
What do you think?

We had a fog machine to create smoke.
That's why the picture looks a little hazy.

I like this one best out of the three.

Hope everyone has a magical Monday.


  1. I like all of them but I tend to be more of a purist. I learned photography before we had all of these tools on an old 35mm. For me, sometimes, the editing just goes too far.

  2. Wow! It's amazing how different one picture can be made to look. I loved the original then when I saw the next one I loved it more. Of the wine bottles I like the one in the middle.

  3. Great pics! Food photography is something I should learn more about as the photos of things I've baked are pretty basic and don't raelly do the final product any justice.



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