Monday, July 16, 2012

My Take On 50 Shades

I'm sure by now that most of you have heard of the 50 Shades Trilogy. I bought all three books at the same time because I didn't want a cliff hanger if I decided I liked the story. No surprise here. I liked 50 Shades of Grey, the first book in the trilogy. I liked it a lot. Men, take notice. Women do think about sex and we do get turned on. Whereas men on average are visual creatures and can easily get a hard on by looking at a naked or half naked body in a magazine, women can read descriptive erotic romance and get very turned on. Yes,we get physically turned on and our bodies emit electrical pulses to inform us that we are indeed feeling sexual. Making my escape from real life, I thrust myself into 50 Shades and let myself enjoy the erotic sensations.

While in the realm of 50 Shades I also escaped deeper into fantasy and visualized myself alongside the characters. It was similar to an out of body experience where I am floating above my body and viewing myself partake in the action. I suppose that everyone who reads uses all of their senses to fully enjoy the narrative. The writer describes the character's features and we see in our mind's eye what that character looks like by what we are told. We can also hear sounds as we read. Sight and sound are probably the easiest senses to come to life while reading a good book. But when you are able to fully engage all  of your senses, then the author has done his/her job very well. E. L. James was able to engage all of my senses. By that, I mean that I was in a sense alive in the pages. I was the character she was writing about, only my name isn't Ana and my lover isn't Christian, but it was me living out my own story in a way. And no, I don't mean that I have an alternate lifestyle it's just that I was able to relate.

I delved into 50 Shades Darker full of anticipation and expectations. Well, the thing about expectations is that you never get what you are expecting. I expected the pages to take me down a dark, black tunnel full of pain. The kind of pain that is pleasurable to some. I anticipated Christian corrupting his beloved Ana into a world of sadomasochism where she is fully under his control. Well, the darker shades of Grey (referring to Christian) was an abused little boy who grew into adulthood being 50 shades of fucked up. The second book is good, yet his story seems incomplete. I want to know more about his Dominatix, Elena, the one who supposedly trained him to be the same. Maybe the third book will tell more of his story. I guess I will have to finish it to find out. All I know is that during the second book, I kind got tired of all the sex. It wasn't as exciting as in the first book. For one thing, they are having sex every five minutes it seems. Don't get me wrong, I love sex scenes. I like the erotic romance and the descriptive action, but there's only so much detail I can handle. It was driving me freaking crazy. I just wanted them to jump each others bones without all the hearts and flowers and romance. It just got to be a little much. I mean really, they were having sex on every two or three pages and it was way too much detail to get to that point. It was monotonous. No man could ever keep up like that in real life, not even a 25 or 30 year old, unless of course he's 50 shades of fucked up.

I didn't write this post intending it to be a book review but it kind of turned into one. I started out to write more dangerously, to express myself the way I really am instead of what I think people want me to say. I hope I can continue to write more dangerously at the advice of Jeff Goins, writer of this amazing article.  What I really wanted to convey in this post is that I get turned on. When I see a super good looking guy with a hard stomach and great hair and smile, that turns me on. A guy who isn't afraid to wear a turtleneck turns me on. But just seeing a naked guy in general does nothing for me at all. I don't care if his dick is bigger than anyone else's, it just doesn't do it for me. If I were a single woman and you wanted to start my juices flowing. I'd tell you to do something kind, thoughtful and generous for me, and in return, I'd make you very happy in a way that only a man could appreciate.


  1. Ha! I too really like the first book. By the second book I was tired of the sex. I am now struggling to finish the third book and am finding myself skipping pages of sex. Frankly, I will be glad when I finish it!

  2. I must be the only person who hasn't read this yet (apart from those who object to it on principle).

    My only comment on what you have said is I'm not sure you've got it right about men only being turned on by naked women.

    Firstly, a girl's neck or ankles or legs or anything (depending upon one's tastes) - even if the rest is covered- can be a turn-on. And secondly, some of us do get turned on by romantically sexual scenes in literature.

    But I agree that thoughful acts always had the best results for me when I was young! Fortunately they came naturally and didn't have to be connived at. I think some folk (of both sexes) have learned that trick and led many a partner into a fatal marriage where the true person then emerges. So sad.



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