Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Little Bit Country

I'm a woman who enjoys all types of music but lately, I'm a little bit country.
I really love this song by Clay Walker.
I can imagine myself dancing to it with a partner, two stepping around the dance floor.

And course, anything by George Strait is A-OK with me.
I love his voice, his music and this song, which I believe is his newest on the radio.

Why is it that most all of the sexy songs are sung by men. Is it just me who thinks this?

I don't necessarily think Tim McGraw's song is sexy, but it's profound and I really like it.

A few years ago, I watched the TV Show Duet which was kind of like American Idol, only it was with partners and it was country music and one of the judges was Naomi Judd.  I loved this show and I rooted for Steel Magnolia the whole time. I just knew they were going to win and I was right. They are such a cute couple and they sing really well together. This isn't one of my favorite songs by them but I like the lyrics to it


  1. Love the songs but I'm a real country fan. I was really upset when, about twelve years ago, the country music channel disappeared from our cable / sky TVs.
    Perhaps it's being a bloke but I find some of the songs by girls equally sexy.

  2. I like all kinds of music, but country is probably my favorite. That George Strait song always makes me smile as it brings back good memories of TJ. He was all about having a good time in life.

  3. Hi JarieLyn - Yeah, country music has always been a favorite, though other kinds will quite often occupy my brain. Enjoyed listening to these. - Karen



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