Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm A Rock N Roll Girl

The thing about me is that I like many genres of music but deep down I'm a Rock N Roll girl at heart.
Dancing is also a great love of mine and when I'm hearing good music, there's no way that I can sit still. 
Last night we went out with Shaun and Gayla to hear some live music.
We got to see two bands, Sin City Sinners and Yellow Brick Road.
I'd never seen Sin City Sinners but I've seen Yellow Brick Road many times.
I was geared up for big disappointment in the first band but my oh my did they surprise me.
They were phenomenal.
I couldn't sit still.
I was in the Zone.
The dancing zone, that is.
When I'm in the zone I'm like a different person.  I feel free.
I am hypnotized by the beating of the drums and I feel the music.
It's like I am one with it.

Sometimes I find it difficult to dance to classic rock.
I grew up dancing to 80's New Wave Music which has completely different rythm than rock.

But last night I didn't have any trouble getting started.
In fact, I danced to almost every single song once I was out on the floor.
I didn't want to sit down.
I'm like the energizer bunny, I keep going and going and going.

The band did sing a Dramarama song (one of my all time favorite groups) and a Violent Femmes song
so they weren't completely classic rock. 
They also sang a couple of original songs that were really good.
So good in fact that I had to buy a CD which I listened to today and relived how much fun I had last night.

Lead singer of Yellow Brick Road

They play stuff like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Great White, Rush, etc.

It had been just about a year since the last time I got to dance.
I really needed it too.
Dancing for me is a form of therapy. 
I get to stomp out all my frustrations, destress and channel my pent up desires and passions.

Yes, I get to express myself on the floor and it renews my spirit and cures all my ails.

So last night was the MOST fun I've had in YEARS.  Hard to believe but it's true.

Oh, with the exception of spending time with my sister a few weeks ago.  That was the best time.


  1. You're a girl after my own heart JarieLyn! I love to dance also. My sister and I danced every single song last weekend when we were in Sacramento. I'm glad you had such a good time!!

  2. Very good nightclub photos. YOu are really becoming skilled at this!

  3. Sounds like my kind of band! I LOVE spending time with my sister. Its not often enough!

  4. I really had such a great time too. I to love to dance it also gives me energy I didn't realize I had. Fun Fun Fun!!

  5. your pictures turned out fantastic!! glad you got to let loose and had a great time. sounds like a lot of fun.



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