Friday, April 1, 2011


Today is April Fool's Day and the theme for this week's Friday Shoot out is that there is no theme.  Our assignment is to choose our favorite theme from the 108 past themes and to have another go at it.  I'm choosing skyline, even though it wasn't my favorite theme but more because I had an opportunity to photograph the city from the airport last night and so my pictures are very fresh.  I watched the sun go down and didn't get home until after 11:00 pm.  I'm also posting a picture from the night before because the sunset was so beautiful.  My lens didn't capture the beauty that my eyes saw but it's still pretty. 

This is an undedited version straight from my camera. 
The colors don't look quite right because the sky was very blue with orange and pink but my camera didn't quite capture the brightness of the blue.


This is my favorite picture of the night simply because the clouds add a little drama.
This was taken last night probably at about 7:30 pm from the top of the long term parking garage at McCaran Airport.

Manual Mode: Auto Focus Auto White Balance

                               F-Stop 22 ISO 200 Exposure Time 4 Seconds Focal Length 145mm

Love the blues and purple and the fact that I caught a plane flying by.

Manual Mode:  Auto Focus  Auto White Balance
F-Stop 22  ISO 200  Exposure Time 4 Seconds   Focal Length 145mm

It's getting darker and the clouds are starting to disappear.

F-Stop 22   ISO 200  Exposure time 4 seconds
Focal length  190 mm

F-Stop 22   ISO 200  Exposure Time 4 sec
Focal Length 180 mm

I have a thing for billboards.  I love them. 
In fact, I have this vision of publishing a book with photos of unique billboards across America.
I'm disappointed in this picture but glad I captured the billboards
and the Thomas and Mack Center in the background.

F-Stop 22    ISO 200   6 Second Exposure
Focal length 180 mm

Traffic trails and the city in the background.

F-Stop 22  ISO 200  Exposure time 8 seconds
Focal length 10 mm

Love the plane steaking by.

F19   ISO 200  Exposure Time 6 Seconds
Focal Length 210 mm

I hope you all enjoyed my skylines.

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  1. Great nigh shots. You have started to master a difficult object...the night sky. I have to ask...did you use a tripod?

  2. love that first sky line, and really really love the traffic trails. i live in a small town and we have nothing like this, so it amazes me

  3. I like the second one with the colorful roof.

    I can't take night photos.

    Re: Choko, I decided I let them eat with their eyes. I emailed all the staff, (50) if they like it, they can email me.

    I am too busy with my book.

    Have a good week end.

  4. I love the photos with the plane's light streaking across, so perfect! You're making me miss the bright lights of Vegas.

  5. these are fantastic JarieLyn! I really like the first two and the traffic trails. do you use a tripod? your fav is my fav also. very nice image.

  6. Just wanted to let everyone know that I did use a tripod. It would be impossible to get a clear shot without one because of the slow shutter speed.

  7. Wow! Looks like you got some great pictures, I wish I would of went with you. Next time I'll go for sure.

  8. OMG they are stunning!! I have a really hard time with night photos!! Wow hon!! Beautiful!! Sarah :)

  9. Great shots - cities look so enchanting at night.

  10. JarieLyn, your skylines are fantastic! Couldn't possibly choose a favourite. Just wish I had half your skill with a camera!!



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