Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Please Remove Sunglasses

The Carmel Tunnel in Zion was built in the early 1900's and is 1.1 mile long.

The tunnel is very dark inside and there is a sign upon entering that says please remove sunglasses.

Bicyclists aren't allowed to travel in the tunnel becuase of the dangers involved.

Justin and I allowed a bicyclist to ride in the back of our truck while we drove through the tunnel.

He was very grateful.

The above photo shows us coming out of the tunnel.

I regret not photographing our hitcher.


  1. There's a tunnel on the Pacific Coast highway in Oregon in the midst of Oswald West State Park that has warning lights that flash when there are bicyclists in the tunnel. The speed limit slows to 20 or 25 when the lights are flashing. So if bicyclists can't ride through the Zion tunnel, how do they get around it (without hitching a ride)?

  2. Cool photo! Is there not another way for bicyclists to get around the tunnel? Was this one of the trips you went on with your photography club?

  3. I've been there and it is a bery long tunnel. That's neat you could help out a fellow soul. Fun trip.

  4. Now that is what I call a room with a view! Great job JL!

  5. Cool shot. It would have been funny to see the hitcher! I bet he was thankful, did you save him a trip over a mountain?

  6. Wonderfully composed photo.

    Hope you have been well. Have a Happy Memorial Day. Don't eat too many hot dogs!

  7. Cool.. I always wondered what Carmel tunnel syndrome looked like. ;)



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