Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out- The Dark Side of Town

This week's theme was chosen by Nanu.  She wants to see the darker side of town.

There are lots of places I could have gone to photograph the darker side of town but I did not have a whole lot of time to go on a photo hunt.  I do however, have one photo from my archives that I think is eerie.

This is the new bridge that is being built over Hoover Dam.

See all the lights in the lower right hand corner?

That is the existing road that goes through Hoover dam coming from Las Vegas.

I took this photo coming from Arizona going back into Las Vegas.

My husband was driving, it was dark outside and I snapped the photo just as we went by.

The dark side of my imagination which can be pretty morbid at times,

envisioned a car driving on the unfinished bridge and plunging to its demise down below.

I am terrified of heights and so I do not look forward to this route when it is completed.

I shudder at the thought.

Take a walk on the darker side with other fellow bloggers here.


  1. that does look spooky in the dark and I would probably being thinking the same thing, that a car could drive off. glad you posted. great shot!

  2. That is a good shot .... moody and scary. So there is a NEW bridge...ANOTHER bridge going up. Haven't been to Vegas in a few years.

  3. excellent photo and story. when I looked at the photo my first thought was an old train track that a train could fall off of.

  4. The photo is eerie and interesting.

  5. A perfect morbid photo and thought for the dark side.

  6. These are spooky and great. Love night pictures.



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