Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Learn and Grow Your Photography

Learn and Grow

By JarieLyn Robbins


Have you ever thought about taking your photography skills to a higher level but didn’t know where to begin?

If you are new to the Nevada Camera Club, Congratulations!

You have taken the first step to becoming a better photographer.

Those who have been members for a while know the value of attending program meetings, competitions, field trips and workshops.

They are already reaping the benefits.

If you don’t believe me, just look at the quality of photos that are being entered every month.

Nevada Camera Club is a wonderful place to learn and grow.

In addition to the Nevada Camera Club there are many resources available to photographers of all skill levels.

 If you are a student or prospective student who dreams of a successful career in photography, there is a wonderful on-line resource that has an abundance of information about available photography programs.

This web site allows you to browse by school type, category, type of degree and by state.

There is also a comprehensive guide to Professional Photographer Associations.

The reason I endorse this website is because it also lists an array of competitions that you can enter.

For example, there is a current photography contest that is sponsored by Army Magazine which is open to amateur and professional photographers.

 First prize is $500.00 and second prize is $300.00.

So, even if you aren’t interested in getting a photography degree, it’s worth a browse.

It’s not just for students and prospective students.

It’s for any photographer who wants to learn and grow no matter what your skill level.

You might find an international or local association that you never knew existed, or you might find a photography competition that is screaming your name.

What have you got to lose?

Check it out at

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  1. Catching up on blogs, at last! Glad to see you posting, even if it is an impersonal one. Hope you are feeling better. John x



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