Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Month of Letters


Like so many other mail enthusiasts, I finally joined the bandwagon and signed up for A Month Of Letters. The idea is to write and mail one letter a day, whether it be an actual letter, a postcard or other written note. February is a short month and the month of letters is even shorter because there are only 23 postal days in a month.
My goal is to double or triple that amount.

So here's my proposition:

If you leave me your contact information on my postable account which is completely safe, secure and private,

I will send you either a postcard, a notecard or a letter.

There's no obligation, but wouldn't it just make your day to see some happy mail in your mailbox.

Just sayin!


  1. I must remember to ask you about your Postable account - looks useful.

  2. Goodness that is quite an undertaking. Good for you!

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea! The art of writing an actual letter is lost and I admit that I never write letters either.

  4. This is great idea , I also want to have this kind of promotion to my blog for my readers.



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