Thursday, June 2, 2011

FMTSO: Night In My Town

Las Vegas at night is an awesome sight to see.  The lighted buildings are amazing and look spectacular in pictures.  In person, you can feel the energy of the city and you automatically want to become a part of it.

I took this photo from the top of the Rio parking garage just as the sun was going down.
Looks so peaceful as if the city lights don't exist.

A few minutes later and a slightly different view.

I like to call these the golden casinos.
This perspective is still from the top of the Rio parking garage..

Sophistication and Style.

Playing with the lights by zooming in and out while the shutter is open.

Love the colors in this one.  I think it's a cool photo.

Do I have any Elvis fans out there?  
I am a huge Elvis fan.

This view is from the top of the UNLV parking garage.

Every year in Las Vegas we have an event called Helldorado Days.
The celebration pays tribute to the wild west.
There's carnival rides, food vendors, merchandise vendors, and a rodeo which is the main event.
This year I went to the rodeo on opening night and captured a few photos.

This little guy is only 18 months old.  I thought he was the most adorable boy.

A Mexican Cowboy is called a Caballero.
They are know for their trick roping skills.

Caballeros start out young. That's why they are so good at what they do.

Took this shot as we were leaving the rodeo.

Watching the sun set in the desert.

My husband

It sure is good to be back in the Friday Town Shoot Out.

Can't wait to check out all the other participants this week.


  1. You got some good night shots. Our summer evenings are light and I'm rarely out in the dark

  2. Great post. You showed the peaceful and the exciting. I have never been to Las Vegas.

  3. What a great place you have to shoot at night! Loved your FMTSO!

  4. Love some of your night shots, looks so peaceful and beautiful. I've seen the bright lights of Las Vegas and I'm glad you decided to showcase the 'not so bright sight' of your town.

  5. Welcome back, JarieLyn. Lovely to see your amazing photos again! Love the shot of the little guy showing off his roping skills. And the colours in the one you thought is a cool photo - I agree.

  6. Interesting angles and you capture the intensity of Vegas...but I like the last shot the best!

  7. fantastic shoot out JarieLyn!! great shots of Vegas and the celebration. My fav is the next to last one, I bet you could have guessed that.



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