Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A couple of goof balls

It's very rare that my husband and I are in a photo together.
Usually, I take photos of him when we travel.
I have to urge him to take my picture as proof that I was actually on vacation with him.
I'm not very photogenic but occasionally I'll see myself and think, " it's not too bad"

This past weekend, the day after Thanksgiving,
we traveled to Carlsbad, California near San Diego to visit my sister.
Sunday, just before leaving to come home I took out the tri-pod and made my husband pose with me.
I am surprised that I look so happy.
I am extremely critical of my looks and I find and pick at my flaws constantly.
Evn though this captures the essence of me, I cringe when I see my that my stomach isn't flat
and that my hands look much older than they should.
My smile is crooked, my teeth aren't straight, my smile lines are too deep, I have more than one chin and no neck or should I say lots of fat under that chin. 
My profile is scary.  I'm not perfect and I'm not beautiful.
But all in all
after all the critiquing I've done
I am satisfied that I took a decent picture.

I'm pretty confident in myself,
but when I get behind the camera I'm not natural at all.
Sometimes though, I am surprised that I look like how I feel.
In these photos I am much more natural than if I was posing for someone else.

My sister on the other hand, is very natural behind the camera.
She is beautiful and photogenic.

It's hard to believe that we come from the same family.
We don't look alike at all.


  1. Get your husband a camera for Christmas. I, also, used to look through my photo archives and wonder if I actually existed. But a little point and shoot camera for her and I've turned into an actual person! By the way, your "I'm not photogenic, unflat stomach, old hands..." stuff doesn't hold up.

  2. Just wait until your see all your photos ten years from now and you will wonder why you did not realize your beauty!

  3. You are so beautiful! Your sister too. But I understand the being so hard on yourself. Why do we do it??? It's just the way it is.

  4. You are gorgeous, silly. But I know, I know; I can't stand to see myself in pictures, face, chin, hands, none of it!
    Your sister is looking fabulous and healthy.

  5. I like your first photo, both of you are having fun. I seldom like to be infront of the camera. But if I am as beautiful as you, I will be happy to have more photos taken.

  6. I see a huge resemblance between you and your sister, especially the eyes and the shape of your faces. You're both so beautiful and I love the pictures of both of you together!

    But c'mon are so totally photogenic! That first picture of you and your husband? You both look great, happy and secure and sure of yourselves. And you don't have any of those things you mentioned, like multiple chins and old hands and a tummy!

    Love your hair and makeup by the way! You should talk pics of yourself more often!

    Remember...we are our own worst critics.

  7. all four are fantastic photos JarieLyn. you are way too critical and so honest about it. I think we all look at ourselves that way, pick ourselves apart. I hate pics of me also. I really like the first shot.

    ps. I have scheduled Macro Shots of your town for Jan. 7. can you send me a member voice?

  8. Oh stop! You are photogenic! I think you look beautiful and would glad trade for those good looks. I have sagging jowls and eye wrinkles that make me cringe. I hate being photographed. But I guess we are most critical of ourselves.



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