Saturday, August 7, 2010

FMTSO: Smells (better late than never) And my tribute to Barry

Yay, I'm back in the saddle again.  Well, not literally, but I am back in the blogosphere after disappearing for a couple of weeks.  I can't wait to get back into reading of all your wonderful and inspiring blogs.
This week's theme for the Friday My Town Shoot Out is smells, chosen by Nanu. 

All of the photos I'm posting on this subject were taken today.  I would like to have come up with a lot more images but for now, this will have to do.

My first photo is of wet tea bags.  I LOVE the smell of fresh brewed tea, not only because of it's enticing aroma, but also because it takes me back to my childhood where I would spend my summer days at Papaw and Mamaws house.  (my grandparents)  Mamaw would brew fresh tea every single day and it was the best.  Of course, it had to be sweetened.  That's the only way to drink it when it's made by Mamaw.

I love the smell of citrus.  Fresh lemons, limes, organges, etc.
My next photo is of a lime.


Here's a little household tip:  Before throwing away the flesh and the skin from used lemons, limes and oranges put them in a pot of water and then simmer on the stove for about an hour or so.  It will make your house smell really fresh.

I wash my hands a lot and so I am very particular about the scents I use.  My next photo is of a liquid soap made by dial that I really like.  It smells great, it cleans really well, and the foam makes it easy to use to the last drop. 

Bath and Body Works used to have a Toasted Hazlenut Scent.  A male friend of mine used to use to use that scent so now every time I smell hazlenut, I think of him.

I'm a girly girl.  I love dousing on the perfume and smelling really good.  My favorite perfume is Michael by Michael Kors and Jessica Mcclintock by Jessica McClintock.  I've been out of those for awhile but I have several perfumes that I use.  The following photo represents what's on my dresser at the moment.

Vera Wang, Giorgio Blue, d'amarige, Versace woman,  Forever by Mariah Carey.
I'm currently using Giorgio Blue the most but of all of these pictured I like the D'amarige the best.

I wish I had more pictures to share without going into my archives because there are a lot of smells I like.  I love the smell of fresh cut grass, hay, pine trees, rain, cookies, cinnamon......the list goes on.

Smells I hate:  Fish, Tuna, Beer, Body Odor, Sour Breath, Rotting Food, etc.

Well, I really am sorry that I missed last week's shoot out.  I've been pre-occupied, out of town, and busy with personal stuff.  I was down for awhile but I've managed to pull myself up and see the bright light that is ahead of me and that shines on my life.

Barry's death really impacted me a lot harder than I anticipated and my reaction took me by surprise.  Here is my tribute to Barry.  These are just a few of the things that Barry has inspired me to think about or rather when I think about Barry these are the words that come to my mind.

Also, when I think of Barry I can't help but think about my sister and what she's going through.


  1. thanks for your tribute and I think I have two used lime wedges sitting on my counter that I can put in a pot of water tomorrow.

  2. nice tribute to Barry and so creative. I could smell all your photos. thanks for the tip on the citrus peels.

  3. So sorry that you have been going through so much Jarilyn, but I am so glad you are back. I hope your sister is doing well; I think of her and you often.

    I for one think your photos were amazing! I love the one of the lime, it made my mouth pucker just seeing it all green and juicy like that!

    Your perfume bottles look so pretty, I love the way you photographed them.

  4. Lovely tribute to Barry, JarieLyn. That lime photo is great! And thanks for the tip, I have heaps of lemons at the moment and the limes are nearly ready. Love your photo of your perfumes, very creative!

  5. yes girlie girl, glad you are back. I missed you. your tirbute to Barry is simple and says it all and yes there was unexpected strength to the sense of loss at his passing.

    don't think bad of me but I do NOT have - own - even one bottle of perfume. AND here women get manicures every week. Me, I cut/clean and for special occaisions buff. I always get brasilian girlie girls asking me if I want to go with them to get my nails done - all 20 of them.... I just think it a wast of money and they are shocked. tchao sweetpea.

    word verf. BRIFF - is that brasilain buff.

  6. I'm glad I stopped by this morning. As far as I'm concerned, you aren't late because I'm just now getting around to looking at peoples Friday blogs. I also like (and am amazed) that you used all shots you took today! Archives are such a seductive easy way out. And I miss Barry too.

  7. Beautiful shots! I also enjoyed your post.

  8. Hi Jarie Lyn, I'm glad to see you back. You have a lovely, fragrant set of pics here! There is nothing that smells better than citrus, is there?

    I hope that your sister is doing well; it must weigh on you heavily, and it must make Barry's passing even harder.

    Take heart, be well.

  9. Hi,

    may be next time you feel like saying the chicken s***, you call out Lantana. But it is interesting, the Lantana in USA doesn't smell as back as the rest of the world.

    You are right about Barry. I am thinking of him too. Your tribute is so touching.

  10. I really like the lime shot! So sorry about Barry.(((Hugs))) coming your way!

  11. Love great smells too. I love the photo of your lime. I just put a lemon peel down the garbage disposal just to make it smell fresh. Hubby doesn't like me to do that...he thinks it is too hard on the disposal.



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